Indiana County Public Safety Academy Site Rental

The Indiana County Public Safety Academy is available for rent to agencies wishing to hold their own in-house training for their members. In order to keep the Academy financially viable fees are assessed for certain items and for programs sponsored at the site by outside agencies. The charter member departments of the Fire Chief's Association of Indiana County have free use of the site and will only be assessed for the cost of consumable goods. Industrial Brigades, Response Teams or Safety Departments wishing to have courses provided to them at the site can make arrangements with the Academy Director to have courses scheduled and presented for their personnel. Catering services are available and can be purchased directly through the Academy. To reserve your use of the Indiana County Public Safety Academy for your agency complete the site use form and submit it to the Public Safety Academy Director at 85 Haven Dr, Indiana PA 15701.

Download the site use form: Site Rental Form (Adobe PDF Document)

Price Sheet Effective July 1, 2007

Daily Rental (Industrial): $450.00

This includes all buildings on the property, except for the S.M.R.T. building, and guarantees that you will have primary use of the facility during your scheduled dates. It does not, however, preclude the use by other renters, as long as their use does not interfere with your needs.

Daily Rental (Emergency Service): $300.00

(This includes the above listed items) If more than one department is operating at the facility each additional department represented will be assessed an additional $100.00 per day.

Air System: $75.00 per day

(Includes use of trailer mounted cascade and/or compressor including high preasure stationary cascade.) Academy documentation must be completed on date cylinders filled, test date of cylinder, department or agency and ID#.

Fuel: Metered price per gallon based on current fuel pricing.

Fuel is purchased in bulk. (Diesel fuel is only permitted to be used in combustible liquids burn area) Excelsior $40.00 - priced by bale, minimum charge is $40.00. Pallets: FREE (Pallets are donated to us for use, so no charge is made for this material.)

Extinguishers: $40.00 each

(This price covers recharge, inspection and maintenance, as provided by JAW Extinguisher Service)

Equipment: (Cost dependent on use)

Fire fighting equipment is available for use at the facility, including hose, nozzles, appliances, hand tools, ladders, etc. Arrangements must be made in advance for the use of this equipment

Ventilation panels: $20.00, per sheet

(cost per 4'x4' sheet)

Smoke Generator: $50.00 per day of use.

(For use on site only.)

Smoke Fluid: $85.00 per gallon Rosco smoke fluid.

(Also available at the site is a Federal Laboratory's, four cycle gas, smoke generator, however you will need to provide your own fluid.)

Engine: $100.00 per day / without operator

(Two pumpers are available on-site, cost of an operator is extra charge and is required due to insurance coverage.)

Engine Operator: $100.00 per day

Site Safety Officer: $120.00 per day

(A PA State Certified Fire Instructor, from the staff of the Indiana County Public Safety Academy, will be available for all practical exercises as specified. This individual will be available to assist your staff with materials, use and set-up of facilities for exercises.)

Lead Instructor: $25.00 per hour (Industry Programs)

(A PA State Certified Fire Instructor, from our staff will be available for customized course development and instruction. This individual will be responsible for the entire program)

Assistant Instructor: $18.00 per hour (Industry Programs)

(A PA State Certified Fire Instructor/evaluator from our staff can be available for any Non-PA Public Safety Academy Curriculum Courses.)

Instructor / Evaluator: $18.00 per hour / $15.00 per hours support staff (Fire Service Programs)

Staff members in these positions are used to supplement ETA provided lead and adjunct instructors.

Janitorial Service: No Charge

(Each organization is responsible to clean-up after themselves. This includes, cleaning of Burn Building and equipment and removal of garbage to dumpsters. All other services are included in the daily rental costs.)